About us

Launched in 2016, Olioko is an Australian design brand based in Melbourne. We aim to create high quality products with designs that are unique and timeless - in the hope that you'll love and use your Olioko purchase forever.

The Australian lifestyle is one of the best in the world and we do our best to never take it for granted. It's where food meets the outdoors and the outdoors sneaks inside. Our designs celebrate this, using colours and motifs inspired by everyday joy - for joy every day. 

We choose suppliers that believe in our end game - local where possible, always ethical, always conscientious. We prefer using natural materials like linen and organic cotton, as their impact on our environment is far less than using conventional cotton. 

Our mission is to feel Australian, minus the 'Australiana'. We believe in staying fresh, bold and a little bit brave, and hope you feel the same when you choose an Olioko design.

- Happy wishes, from Nerillee and Lana xx